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Citi yesterday agreed to “cramdowns” for resetting mortgage amounts and rates for troubled borrowers.

Politicians all across America declared that this was a breakthrough, etc.

One would not think it at all surprising though, given the $45 billion pumped into Citi by our great Uncle, and our Uncle’s willingness to absorb more than $300 billion of future Citi losses.

Socialism clearly has some benefits. With a tight leash (like Citi is on), the master can dictate many things.

This past short week was remarkable. The Government, lead by General Paulson, promised to cover more than $300 billion of liabilities of Citigroup. Thus, once again, demonstrating that those controlling America’s money, are protected from their own stupidity and risky behavior. Those who had bought C stock last Friday almost doubled their money by betting on Paulson. After he screwed Lehman bondholders and the buyers of the Fannie and Freddie preferred shares, this guru is being smart by not trusting in the benevolence of irrational leadership!!!

General Paulson on Tuesday announced an $800 Billion plan to add capital to the consumer finance markets, student loans, auto loans and small businesses. Once again, it only benefits those finance companies that took risk during the economic expansion, who are looking for someone to buy assets they no longer wish to own!! Sir Paulson’s rational was that by selling these assets, these financiers will begin to lend again. Most others, including this humble writer, believe that they will behave like the banks under TARP. They will take the money, and not take any risks with it. They will hold it, or use it for bonuses, or to buy companies of friends, or buy Treasury bills and bonds, or FDIC guaranteed issuances from other financial institutions.

To assume they would use this money for lending, would be like the Sir Paulson’s team buying a home on the verge of foreclosure, and assuming that the seller would take the proceeds and use it to buy a new real estate investment.

President Elect Obama has promised new spending and infrastructure projects to jump start the economy. I do not know any bridge builders, airport construction workers , or road builders, so I do not know anyone who will benefit directly. Hopefully , those wearing ties to work, and those in the manufacturing sector will benefit as well.

In these times, with all the volatility, risks, threats and uncertainty, we must all stop and say THANKS for all the good we have, for our families and friends, for health and our prosperity, irregardless of how limited it may seem at the moment!!!!

Give Thanks, have faith, and strive to make the world better, without taking unneeded risks.

Have a great day!!!!