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I am thrilled to be up and running with this blog. The US economy is shuddering to a trickle, the markets are continuing to fall, house values are moving lower still, and foreclosures and bankruptcies are skyrocketing. There are new and major layoffs announced each day. And, our government, including the Treasury, Federal Reserve and SEC, continue to make the situation worse rather than better.

The failure for the government to intervene consistently scares the hell out of me. I am not for intervention, but we are in such a bind, intervention is the only hope.

I will be blogging regularly on the tough financial situations so many are facing, sharing ideas and suggestions, and recommendations.

Our website,, is not fully operational, but will be within the next few days. It will be a resource for those facing challenges, including small businesses and families, and also be a place to find opportunity to find solutions. We will attract investors and lenders and others seeking solid profits on their investments.

The first iteration will be a work in progress. We ask for your patience, understanding and feedback.

Given the number of friends I have in dire situations, I am hoping that my comments and work is beneficial and helpful.

Good luck to us all!
God Bless.