Great Blog on Goal Setting and Establishing a Balanced Life

The following quote is a great indication of what you will find on this site:

Goal setting without a clear vision may seem like a big duh concept, but it’s amazing how many of us, like my old boss, set goals without tethering them to a compelling, inspiring vision on one end, and rigorous accountability on the other. Closing the loop.

What’s so beautiful about a declaration (call it commitment if you will) is that it brings the future into the present, someday into now with great transparency. In the next few posts we’ll be exploring declarations just in time for you to hurdle over the cuckoo resolution frenzy and start setting goals from the inside out.
Absolutely worth checking out.

  1. clarifying

    You’re right. For some reason it is not easy to close the loop on goal setting.

    Isn’t it odd how so many things that should really be obvious and “simple” are so difficult to do?

    Thanks for the timely reminder for those of us who will be doing a lot of goal setting in the next few days.

  2. Thanks so much for your gracious gesture! I look forward to reading more of you…

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