Lending Club Review: A Leading Peer To Peer Lending Network

by Stacey Doyle on January 2, 2009

Our review on Lending Club, a leading peer to peer lending and borrowing social network.

Because of updated credit card regulations, fewer people are qualifying for traditional credit and loans. And now that the subprime loan industry has slowed down, people may be taking a second look at P2P lending. We’ve covered Prosper here sometime in the past, so we thought about reviewing its other competitors — especially as the economy has turned. Case in point? Lending Club, one of the leading companies behind the practice of P2P lending.

As the economy continues to worsen and banks tighten, P2P lending will continue to fill a need within the marketplace.

Please share your comments and experiences….

  1. its great, thanks

  2. Gino

    Thanks for the find. Very interesting. I’ll check out Lending Club

  3. People will have to be creative to survive this recession.

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