It is official: Real unemployment totals more than 20 million or 12.5%

New release this morning that the real unemployment, including actual unemployed, those off unemployment due to duration of being out of work and those taking part time jobs because full time is not available, has reached a post depression high of 12.5%!!!!!

Who told you this first in my earlier blogs???????????

Interestingly, my read of these new numbers leaves out another 5% or more. Thus I am now estimating that the current unemployment numbers (based on compensation being earned) is closer to 17.5%. This includes those folks employed, but facing significant cuts in compensation due to commissioned sales, compensation based on productivity and volume, etc.

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  1. Michael

    For reals? That hurts, and yet in my gut I think that is probably a realistic number. The “underemployed” number is probably on the mark as well, in the same manner that accumulated wealth took a beating through market and housing drops, earning potential is at risk. Nice perfect storm we are having.

    This type of labor market lends itself to draconian management. All across North America I am sure that people are being abused by managers who are quick to remind them “they are lucky to have a job” and “they could be replaced in a heartbeat”. Lucky for me I’m unemployed and don’t have to put up with this. Suckers!

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