The Red Plague Epidemic!!!!!!!!!!

When I close my eyes and try to envision where our economy is going, not based on the “Morons in the Morning” but based on what is happening on Main Street, Wall Street, and every other commercial avenue, business park, etc. in America, I AM VERY AFRAID!

There are layoffs in all areas of our economy, all sectors, industries, professional levels, etc.  Manufacturing, marketing, banking, sales, retail, health services, insurance, real estate, construction, and more are all under pressure.  The only “safe” jobs today are undertakers, auditors, CIA Clandestine Services (which is advertising on our local radio station extensively for help wanted, believe it!), and litigation attorneys.  I do not think anything else is even remotely stable.

If we think back to the medieval times, the Black Plague spread violently and killed more than half the people in Western Europe.  I liken this economic crisis to the Red Plague, based on the financial losses most people are suffering around the world.  It is absolutely an epidemic!!! The Financial Times this week used the term “epic proportions”.  EITHER WAY, THIS IS VERY SCARY!

An excerpt of President Bush’s speak from Wednesday was included as a guest column in the WSJ today.  He noted that the only way for the world to get through this is to adhere to the capitalistic system.  (I would not want to be him at the meeting this weekend of the global economic leaders.  They will all laugh at him, or at least smirk and chuckle into their palms.)

We are on a cyle that may be extremely difficult to break.  But then again, when we think of the rampant inflation of just 6-9 months ago, and how it just collapsed, maybe there is hope????  What do you think?

To use an analogy, it takes energy and effort to push things up (i.e., inflation) and only  natural forces (i.e., gravity) to have them fall.  Trees do not grow to the sky, but a leaf can fall a long, long, long way from the top of a tree, until it lands.  An even after hitting the ground, can be impacted and moved by wind, rain, fire, snow, insects, decay………………..

Can someone help me to be a bit more optimistic??????????????

Please leave me a comment.  Let me know what you are thinking.

  1. wilsonrofishing

    I am definitely skeptical of additional bailouts, especially like the $52 billion automotive industry “rescue”; This new bailout won’t accomplish anything, it just prolongs the inevitable. Investing in these companies with taxpayers’ money at this point is subsidizing failure. Let them attempt to restructure when they enter bankruptcy, or succumb to market forces.

  2. i just posted something about this at my blog, actually in response to someone else writing something on their blog where comments were apparently not enabled. i encourage you to read their basic post, and then my comments.if you read back in my blog, which touches at times on economic matters, moreso recently, this has been a long time coming. i think, however, it’s playing out worse than a lot of people imagined, certainly worse than i did.i think you, i think we all need to have confidence in ourselves and what we can do, what we do. to some extent, this is not just another downturn. it is a dissolution of the financial system that makes corporations work. particularly if there is deflation, as is expected and for which there is evidence, the things that we can do together, with and for one another, one on one, may serve as the basis for a new economic resurgence. think what can be used for currency when no currency is available? barter, sure. and, as long as we have online connections, the craigslist-style local online market could be a valuable way of doing trading. but, having given this a lot of thought, i bet some online folks will figure out a way of creating a currency. it sounds silly, but there are other kinds of dollars out there, including Linden Dollars from SL. why couldn’t someone create a currency like that which would serve instead?i mean, it might run afoul of some Treasury regulation, but if government isn’t coming into help and can’t do anything, why not?

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